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Why WordPress

Why WordPress

“WordPress is used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013.
WordPress is the most popular CMS system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites.” – Wikipedia

WordPress is friendly with google

Loved By Google

Wix is extremely unfriendly while WordPress works great with Google and takes care of 90 % of the Search Engine Optimization itself.

Your own tailor-made design

Customized Designs

Unlike predesigned WIX themes, customize your designs and themes which can be unique and tailor-made exclusively for you.

Webmaster, Adsense & Analytics

Google Tools For You

WordPress supports web tools like Google Adsense, Analytics and Webmaster to make your work simpler.

Powerful wordpress widgets

Wondrous Widgets

Use eCommerce, Form or Map easily to discover what magic you can create for your site with millions of tried and tested widgets at your disposal.

Host your site very cheap

Host Where You Want

WordPress allows you to host your website on any sever you wish to, unlike Wix which comes with a lot of hosting and domain transfer issues.

Easy to find wordpress developer

Handy Developers

Hire an expert developer at WordPress at minimal charges to get all the work instead of paying a fortune for developers at Wix

Best responsive site

Best Responsive Site

WordPress unlike Wix can be easily accessed and worked upon from any computer, mobile device or tablet with the same efficiency level made available for you.

Blog with wordpress

Blog It Up

WordPress is renowned worldwide for blogs and has received great accolades for it while Wix is still struggling for a blog feature which is stable.

Free CMS


All that you do on WordPress is absolutely free unlike Wix which charges its users for almost everything.

You own everything

All Yours

WordPress allows you to exercise full rights over your site’s design and content so that you can keep it and move it where you want.

Easy membership

Roll-out Membership

At WordPress, with various ad spaces, areas of widgets and unique customization, you can make use of rollout to make your site attractive.

Extreme user experience

User Interactive

Its various features allows the user to interact with their site and connects the website and the user to the social world around them instantly.


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