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What is as it is conversion ?

We take full responsibility to convert your Wix site exactly as it is into wordpress

What if I want to convert my WIX site with some changes ?

Sure, please let us know the changes which you wish to make as per your requirements.

How long will it take ?

It depends on the complexity of requirement but an average 5 page site can be done in less than a week

Can somene talk to me before starting the job ?

Yes, we will surely take all your sugestions before embarking on the project. Provide us your phone number or skype ID along with the best suitable time to talk to you

I really hate wix customer support, what about yours ?

We are aware of your pain with WIX and let us assure you that with our company you will get the best personalized customer support.


Tell us about your workflow in detail ?

When you request for a quote then our technical team assesses your requirement and sends across the best possible quote with work milestones and payment schedule. Upon your acceptance we start working on it, you can monitor the entire process on our project management site. Here is a 5 page simple project milestone and payment schedule.

Which version of WordPress do you use ?

We always use the latest version of wordpress.

Will you create the design or download it from WIX ?

We always create the design based on your existing WIX site, code it to HTML/CSS and then convert that to WordPress.

What if I want a completely unique design ?

While sending your quotation request, you can select “I need tailor made design” as an option, which will enable you to download a questionnaire file. This questionnaire file contain every question which our technical team would require before sending you a quotation. You just have to fill it up and upload this file on the same form by clicking “Request Quote” button.

Which wordpress plugins do you propose to incorporate ?

We always use plugins which are fast, tested, reliable and secure. While sending you the quotation, we also send list of plugins which we propose to use.

I also have a list of WordPress plugins which I want you to incorporate in my site ?

This can be easily done as you can provide a list of alternate plugins which you want to use when work starts on your project.

I want to additional features on my site like eCommerce, Forum etc . ?

On the ‘request quote’ form, we have a list of all the features and services that we propose. Kindly select those which you want so we can take note of them while sending you our quote.

My Wix site has a beautiful animated slider which I want to retain, can you do it ?

We will try to incorporate every element of your wix site and in case there is something that we cannot retain, we will let you know before starting the project.

My Wix site was too slow, can you do something better ?

We insure you a faster website compared to WIX

How can I see the progress ?

Upon your proposal acceptance and depositing initial milestone, we will send you login credentials of our project management cloud where you can constantly monitor the progress, communicate with the development team and also send and receive files.

How long maintainence support do you provide ?

We offer 6 months of free maintainence support on what we provided. Anything additional would be subject to additional charges.

Wont you manage my site after 6 months ?

After 6 months, we would request you to give us an annual maintenance contract which can cost between 10-20% of total website development cost. It also depends on the complexity of your site.


Tell us about your payment process ?

Our payment schedule is usually divided into 3 milestones. When the project starts, you need to pay as low as 20% of the quoted amount. 50% of the remaining amount needs to paid once every thing is done on our server while the last 30% can be paid after your site is live on your server.

How do we pay ?

We only send paypal invoice and you can either pay using your paypal account or your credit card.

I hate paypal, don’t you have any other way of accepting payment ?

We are sorry but at present we are only using paypal invoice. On paypal, you have the facility to pay using your paypal account as well as your credit card so if you don’t want to pay via paypal account then you can opt for your credit card.

Do you offer any discounts ?

We offer a 15% discount to returning clients. 10% discount for students and elder citizens.

What is your quotation methodology ?

We charge on basis of the project’s complexity and consider an average complex WIX site having 5 pages. We have to usually design two different templates, one for home and another for the inside page. Such project can cost you $299 without any additional job.

Domain and Hosting Transfer

I have purchased my domain from WIX can you transfer it to new registerar ?

If you own this domain from more than 60 days then we can transfer immediately otherwise you have to wait till it become 60 days old.

What if I have purchased it from sites like godaddy, register, twocow etc ?

In that case we will point your domain to the hosting site where you wish to keep your wordpress files.

Which domain and hosting company do you suggest ?

For domain names click here and for suggested hostings click here

Do you provide domain name and hosting service ?

No we don’t, but we can suggest you the best in the business.

Will you make your site live on my selected hosting company ?

Yes of course we will


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